One of the privileges of going to a Seventh-day Adventist University is fellowship with youth of high ideals and faith. There are many opportunities for association, friendship and mutual assistance in understanding each other’s culture and values. Social skills are developed and education in an international institution will be a tremendous advantage in later years. The University is a place where students can enjoy life in a Christian way.


Students have numerous opportunities to enjoy recreation through various sports and leisure activities. The university encourages an active lifestyle for optimum health.

Student Clubs

A sense of unity and togetherness is important in a diverse institution like Rusangu University which comprises faculty and students from all walks of life. There are a number of interest groups registered with the Dean of Student Affairs Office. These groups provide an opportunity for fellowship and advancement of common goals.


The University Supermarket provides goods and services to the campus community thereby eliminating the need for travelling to the nearby Monze town for basic essentials. The Supermarket also stocks products from the University bakery such as bread.

University Clinic

Apart from the Rusangu Rural Health Centre which is within the vicinity, Rusangu University operates a Clinic with an ambulance and fulltime nurse. The Clinic provides basic health care for students and emergency care to the members of the University community.


The University hostels are more than places for sleeping. They are places in which to live and learn. The University has determined that living in University residence facilities is a positive aspect of the total experience for students at Rusangu University. In this regard, the University continues to expand and modernize its infrastructure in order to accommodate more students on campus and increase the quality of life in the hostels.

Student Housing Policy

Campus Ministries

Students at Rusangu University are encouraged to grow in a personal religious experience.
Appointments with the Pastor of the University Church can be easily arranged. Prayer bands and Missionary activities are organized by the Church, Rusangu University Missionary Movement (RUMM) and other groups to encourage spiritual growth. Convocations are important aspects of the University program and all students are expected to attend them.
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Prayer Garden

The Prayer Garden is located in a serene environment on the western side of campus and gives an opportunity for prayer, meditation and Bible study. The many Scriptures and spiritual quotations on display assist visitors in their reflections.

Academic Garden

The Academic Garden is being developed within the campus with seating facilities and other amenities yet to be completed. The Academic Garden is intended to add to the catalogue of areas around campus where students can relax and perhaps hold discussions in small groups.

Student Handbook

Rusangu University expects its students to follow Christian ideals in their associations and behavior. The practical application and details of these ideals are printed in the Student
Handbook. Every student is expected to follow the guidelines of the student handbook while on campus.



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