RU’s Newly Redesigned Website Launched

Rusangu University is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website on December 2, 2021! Over the past month, Aeon Technology has been working with the Rusangu University IT Department and PR staff to build a new website that better reflects our campus community and program offerings, improves navigation for students, staff, and faculty, and provides a refreshed “digital front door” for new students interested in enrolling with RU.

New Website Highlights:

  1. Truly mobile responsive: Check out the website on your mobile phone and tablets. It’s a much-improved experience.
  2. Updated navigation: Main menu and audience landing page architecture has been updated to help you find the information you need more intuitively and efficiently.
  3. New ways to explore our programs: Current and future students can now explore our programs in a variety of ways, including Program Type and a Schools category layout.
  4. Dedicated audience landing pages: Some links on our old homepage have been incorporated on our Academics, Admissions and Campus Life pages. You can also explore our Quick Links, found on the footer section of all the Website pages.
  5. Main Student Links: We have included four of the most popular links used by students on the Navigation menu, including Student Portal and eLearning.
  6. Latest News and Updates: This section shows the latest Rusangu University news stories. Click on a story to access a preview of full information.
  7. Social Media Links: Access our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Channel via the Website Homepage Navigation bar. Scroll through our Social Media platforms to see our university’s latest updates. Follow us on all the social media platforms to stay current.

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