2021 Men and Women Conferences

The Men and Women conferences for 2021 were held on Saturday 11th November 2021 under the co-themes of Men of Valor and Women of Valor respectively at Rusangu University Main Campus in Monze.

These conferences were organized to deal with issues that pertain to men and women at a deeper level. The Men’s conference dealt with entrepreneurship, men’s health, betting and the Bible, and may the real men of God please stand up!

The presenters for the Men’s conference were the trendsetting Mr Dumisani L. Ncube commonly known as the Radical Entrepreneur who presented on Entrepreneurship. The Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Edward Moyo presented a contemporary challenge for most young men, Betting and the Bible. Dr. Patrick Sichundu, the Director for Chikuni Mission Hospital, presented on Men’s Health Issues while the Vice Chancellor Dr. Pardon Mwansa challenged the men to rise up and be counted as men of God who live by the Book, the Bible.

As for the Women’s conference, the topics included entrepreneurship, low self-esteem, depression, women’s health, dating, and may the real women of God please stand up!

The presenters for the Women’s conference included Mr Dumisani Ncube who presented on Entrepreneurship; Mrs Thecla Ncube a Lecturer in the School of Education presented on Low Self-esteem; Mrs Kwenda, a Nurse by profession took on the challenge of Depression; Mrs Mwati Ndayambaje, an Environmental Health Technician tackled the issue of Women’s Health; Mrs Miranda Chisulo, a Tutor in Biomedical Sciences presented the timeless topic of Dating while the Registrar Mrs Earlymay Chibende challenged the women to stand up for God as women of virtue.

The conferences were highly attended and appreciated by the participants. Plans are underway to conduct the programs on a quarterly basis in order to meet the needs of the constituents.

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