In a bid to commemorate Farmer’s Day which falls every 7th of August, Rusangu University joins the rest of the country and the farming community in celebrating Farmer’s Day.

Farmers play a pivotal and essential role in ensuring food security in the country, and they contribute to the development agenda of our country.

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of a farmer in a society like Zambia cannot be understated.

Farmers play a critical role in sustaining the nation’s food supply and basket and hence, contributing to the country’s GDP and economic growth.

Rusangu University, a Christian premier university situated in Monze in Southern province with two satellite campuses in Lusaka and Copperbelt, commemorated Farmer’s Day by exhibiting at this year’s Lusaka Agricultural and Commercial Show.

This year’s theme was “Inclusive Economic Transformation.”

During the show, we were able to do on-spot enrollment for students who visited our stand and had the right grades for the various programs they wanted to pursue with our university.

Rusangu University continues to enjoy and retain the prestigious Christian Premier University Platinum Status in Zambia.

Our students’ and lecturers’ dedication, brilliance, and sheer determination propel us to maintain the pinnacle of excellence and delivery to our stakeholders.

We remain committed to delivering tier-1 educational services to our students.

Issued by:

Lee Haamunji
Corporate Affairs Manager

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