BBA Accounting


The Accounting Program is part of the School of Business which subscribes to practical and academic excellence.

The Program’s motto is “Spirit of Excellence” and thus seeks to cater to the needs of students who want a career in accounting, while at the same time inculcating values of diligence, honesty, economy, temperance, ethics and purity. All of these values contribute to making a total person by providing pedagogical services leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting (BBA).

The Program of Accounting exists to prepare practical business students for the diverse business sectors through the rigors of case study, problem-solving and theory, discerned from qualified, competent and experienced lectures, and through industrial attachment and consultations with firms or organizations that enhance students’ career choices. The aim is to relentlessly strive for business leadership through quality graduates while continually upgrading itself through research and scholarship.

Program Objectives

Excellent accounting skills is what the accounting program is designed to offer the business student. Realizing that students of accounting may work in management related areas; the program also nurtures students’ management skills. The objectives of the Program are:

1. To address the needs of the public and private sectors by producing graduates who are practical

2. To prepare students for graduate and professional studies

3. To develop students’ analytical, inductive, adaptive and communication skills

4. To imbue students with Christian values and ethics

Career Opportunities

A BBA graduate in this area could work in a number of areas such as: Cashier, Financial Accountant, Payroll Accountant, Cost and Management Accountant, Tax Advisor, Investment Banker, Auditor and Banker.

Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation, students are required to have successfully completed a minimum of 128 quarter credits. These credits include:

General Education Requirements       25

Core Requirements                             58

Concentration Requirements              42

Cognate Requirements                        9

Total Contact hours                                     134

4 thoughts on “BBA Accounting

  1. Kalumba mwewa says:

    Is it possible for me to enter with 3 credits in the school of business specifically barchelors of accounts with assurance of rewriting these other remaining 2 subjects to a school certificate

    • admin says:

      The minimum admission requirement for Admission into BBA Accounting is 5 ‘O’ Level credits which include English and Mathematics. Once you rewrite, you are most welcome to apply for admission.

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