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The Nursing program is an integral component of Rusangu University. The department is committed to the teachings and the values of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It conducts its academic affairs in accordance with the University’s aim and policies, the standards of the academic community and of the nursing profession.

It’s philosophy and mission focus on education, scientific inquiry and service within the scope of nursing knowledge and practice. Nursing education has as its goal the acquisition of the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enable the nurse to be qualified, safe, and competent in implementing the nursing process and promoting adaptation of clients.

Faculty accepts the University statement of training the head, the heart, and the hand. The conceptual framework of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing incorporates the concepts of God, Man, Society, Health, Christian Witnessing, Teaching, Learning, and professional nursing.

Students are seen as responsible adult learners with knowledge based on previous life experiences. They are viewed as equal partners in the learning process and, as such, they are encouraged to take responsibility for their own personal and professional development.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Nursing Science program provides a Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing. After completion of this program, the graduates will be able to:

1. Function as nurses who are committed to the healing ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ and apply a wholistic approach to nursing practice

2. Demonstrate nursing professionalism dedicated towards advancing a culture of professional excellence and achievement through lifelong learning

3. Demonstrate a comprehensive professional knowledge of nursing culture standards of excellence

4. Demonstrate that they are critical thinkers who creatively engage in rational inquiry using nursing processes and current research to improve healthcare outcomes

5. Demonstrate comprehensive professional knowledge of best practices in health promotion, disease prevention and intervention

6. Demonstrate professional responsibility for the care of patients/clients in a variety of health care settings

7. Demonstrate a caring attitude at all times and serve his/her clients with dignity, respect, and honesty

8. Demonstrate the assertiveness in their endeavors and advocate for their clients/patients and the vulnerable in the society

9. Exhibit the qualities of competent practitioners and become role models in the profession of nursing

10. Perform as a professional nurse who shall contribute to the development of the health care system in Zambia and beyond

11. Exercise accountability in decision-making, self-awareness and continued self-development in nursing

12. Demonstrate comprehensive professional knowledge to champion quality, safety, and equality in healthcare

13. Pursue graduate studies

14. Plan instructional methods and design curriculum for health workers

Career Opportunities

Upon receiving the License, the Nurse Graduate from Rusangu University is able to:

1. Practice as a clinical nurse practitioner

2. Assume management and leadership roles in heath related programs

3. Design and implement a nursing education program

4. Participate in nursing research

Graduation Requirements

A direct entry candidate for graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Direct Nursing students) will have to complete a total of about 193 credits:

  1. 39 credits             –             general requirements
  2. 58 credits            –              cognates
  3. 103 credits          –              major nursing courses including the practicum with an overall GPA of at least 2.33

Total Contact Hours 200

An In- Service entry candidate for BSc. Nursing will have completed a total of 77credits:

  1. 18 credits            –              general requirements
  2. 26 credits            –              cognates
  3. 57 credits            –              major nursing courses including the practicum with an overall GPA of at least 2.33.

Total Contact Hours 101

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