2022 Graduation Baccalaureate Service

The Rusangu University 2022 baccalaureate service took place on Saturday 3rd September. The baccalaureate service is the second of three services in the graduation ceremony held on Saturday at which graduands are admonished as per chosen theme and motto. The combined theme and motto for 2022 was “Serving the world with integrity: Excellence through hard work and endurance.”

The baccalaureate speaker was Dr. Tommy S. Namitondo, President of the Northern Zambia Union Conference and Chairperson of the Rusangu University Council. He spoke on the subject “Jesus Found Favor with God and Man” from the Gospel According to Luke 2:51-52. Dr. Namitondo shared interesting concepts from this passage which challenged the graduands to expand their knowledge base by utilizing their brains and remaining humble in their service to mankind and to God. They were admonished not to neglect their roots. He drew several lessons from the life of Jesus, who baffled professors of the Scriptures with serious questions while still of tender age.

“There are people that grow old but they don’t grow up,” he said. The Class of 2022 was challenged to develop in all aspects of life, as seen in the passage. The growth of Jesus was wholistic and balanced. There was no area of life that was neglected: physical, social, mental, and spiritual. He encouraged the graduands to further their studies and not to rest on their laurels on account of the undergraduate degree.

Several church leaders, including the University Chancellor, Dr. Vanny Munyumbwe were in attendance. The service was also graced by Zambia National Service Commandant Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi and his wife. A mini concert was held in the afternoon. Some of the participating groups included Divine Trumpets Ministries from Lusaka, Rusangu University Men’s Chorus, Monze Town SDA Church Choir and others.

The service can be watched on the link below:


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