2022 Graduation Consecration Service

The Rusangu University 2022 consecration service took place on Friday 2nd September. The consecration service is the first of three services in the graduation ceremony to consecrate the graduands to the Lord.

The Class of 2022 had chosen Pastor Evans K. Manjimela, the Southern Zambia Union Conference Education Director, to be their speaker. He spoke on the subject “Beyond the Bare Minimum” from the passage found in Matthew 25:24–29. He challenged the graduands to pursue excellence and go beyond the obvious. He said that God expects human beings to utilize their endowments in the service of mankind fully.

“There is a new form of wickedness – failure to multiply the talents that God has given you is a new form of wickedness,” he remarked. Graduands were challenged not to keep their talents but to put them to use. By so doing, the Lord would add more to them.

Nampungwe Mwekwa, a BSc Environmental Health major gave a response on behalf of the class. She thanked the speaker for the poignant message which challenged them to go beyond the bare minimum. She said the class would go out into the world in the spirit of the message and utilize the knowledge and skills they had attained at Rusangu University.

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